There is nothing more magical, more efficient, and more powerful than the subconscious mind.

Georgina Cannon can show you how to access and use your own power and magic to bring joy and peace into your life and the lives of others in your world.

0596Meet Georgina Cannon..

An award-winning author, change catalyst, corporate speaker, international facilitator, and practicing consulting hypnotist who brilliantly and skillfully uncovers the powers of the subconscious mind-body connection working through relationship and life issues with clients both personally and for business.
With an eclectic background in journalism, the corporate world and counselling, Georgina is a powerful catalyst for change – in a person, a couple, or a corporation/organization. Writing, teaching, lecturing and appearing in the media, she attracts audiences both young and old, including the 78 million baby boomers in North America looking forward to the second half of their lives and seeking insight and inspiration on life’s deepest questions.

Georgina is an award-winning, board-certified, master consulting hypnotist and in 1997 founded the Ontario Hypnosis Centre, which within a few years became Canada’s leading hypnosis training facility and clinic.  She has since sold the OHC to focus on her writing, lecturing and client work. An accredited life coach, she is recognized as the public face of hypnosis and the mind-body connection in Canada and is a respected member of the complimentary health community. Georgina is a regular guest on national and international television and radio programs and her work has gained her prominence as a source for news and feature articles on hypnosis, counselling and complimentary therapies.

Her work and extraordinary commitment has been recognized internationally. In 2004, Shirley MacLaine read Georgina’s first book, RETURN – Past Life Regression and You, and contacted Georgina for a radio interview. Afterward, she invited Georgina to host her chatroom a few times a year, on the website www.shirleymaclaine.com  to talk about hypnosis, relationship issues, past life, and the interlife.

Lectures and Training – for all seekers and helpers:


 NEW!  Past Life Regression Training – taking place in Central Toronto

June  20 & 21, 2014

Two full intensive days of training and practice!



And have some fun!

Fee: $500 + HST

(Includes reference workbook, code of ethics, and certificate of training)

This two day course could change your life – Also the life of the clients you work with!

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University of Toronto

In addition to her Metaphysical workshops, Georgina teaches regular hypnosis workshops at the University of Toronto’s School of Social Work each spring and autumn.  Please visit the courses page to find out more about each class, and how it can help you in your life and profession.

 Media and Television Appearances

Always reaching out to educate and assist in understanding our own power, Georgina often appears in different media, being interviewed or giving lectures about the mind-body connection.

Georgina was recently on BBS Radio, ‘Reaching For the Gold’ on February 25, 2014:  You can download an archived copy of the show at http://www.bbsradio.com/reachingforthegold

She is also a featured host in Shirley MacLaine’s chat room.

Listen to Georgina’s latest broadcast here, from November 24, 2013:

Interview with Bob Charles on Kinetic Hifi from October 13, 2013:  available FREE for download or streaming here:  Bob Charles 10-13-13 Past Life Regression Panel with Georgina Cannon


The podcast from the July 24th show is available as a download through your ‘Coast to Coast’ Registration. There is also an IPhone and Android app that you can download, and listen to 7 days worth of shows available through the archives (registration required for archives access).